Can you distinguish sweetness and fruitness? [TMG Academy]

9 out of 10 girls claim they prefer sweet wines. But if you treat them a sweet wine, they would say it’s not their cup of tea. Contradict? Because most people mix up the concept of sweetness and fruitiness.
Indeed they are two different things. When we are talking about sweetness, it means the wine has significant residual sugar. The fact is, most of the wine is not sweet, or we can say ‘dry’. Because when the grapes undergo fermentation, the sugar in the grapes is transformed into alcohol. The residual sugar is usually around 4-6g/L and it’s very difficult for a human to sense it at this low level.
For fruitiness, it means the wine is full of primary aromas like lemon or black cherry. It has no relationship with sugar. But how come many people got mixed up? The reason is that we are not intelligent enough and are always deceived by our brains! Taste is actually a kind of memory. When we taste something, our brain will recall the memory related to that taste. For example, when we are drinking a fruity wine, our brain will remind us of the experience of having fruit, fruit dessert or juice. This misleads us that the wine is sweet.
So next time, pay attention to the girl’s preference, fruity or sweet?

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