Le Mesnil Grand Cru, arguably the most prestigious growing area for Chardonnay in the region of Champagne. In the heart of the Cote de Blancs, famed for the most intense and high quality Chardonnay made famous by major champagne houses such as Salon Delamotte and Krug’s Clos de Mesnil, lies the old vines of Champange André Jacquart.

Not to be confused by the large cooperative Jacquart, Champagne André Jacquart is a family owned grower Champagne house which is currently run by the charming Marie Doyard, fifth generation at the estate. The name Jacquart comes from her maternal side and so does her vines which a majority of them comes from Le Mesnil.

In 2004, when Marie took over the Champagne house, it was a radical decision then to have changed the philosophy and style of champagnes that they produced. Her focus besides stylistic changes was QUALITY both viticulturally and in the production methods by prolonged aging on lees to develop stunningly complex wines bringing out the best these Chardonnay grapes can offer.

The entry level Premier Cru Champagne sees no less than 5 years in bottle before they are disgorged for release to the market while their vintage champagne spends an extended amount of time of at least 7 years before being released.
Top maisons such as Roederer, Bollinger and many others have already released their 2012 vintage prestige cuvées (eg: Cristal 2012). Other grower champagnes have already released their vintage 2014s/ 2015s. André Jacquart on the other hand, has just only started to release their vintage 2011s to the market, a testament to Marie's philosophy of producing high quality champagnes. This prolonged bottle aging on lees is substantially longer than many well known champagne houses.
In a nutshell, these champagnes are focused and precise with the staining minerality of Blanc de Blancs Champagnes, classically displaying the terroir of Le Mesnil Grand Cru.
There is just no way you can go wrong with these Champagnes!