Amorosa di Settembre Grappa (Vespaiolo) 40% (1x50cl)
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Amorosa di Settembre Grappa (Vespaiolo) 40% (1x50cl)


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Since 1898 the Poli family has been operating their artisanal grappa distillery located near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of the Veneto. Today, fourth-generation Jacopo Poli has elevated grappa production to an art form. Selecting only the freshest grape pomace from some of the best winemakers in Italy, he uses a traditional copper pot still – in operation for more than a century! Jacopo works very closely with these producers during harvest and never accepts more grape pomace than can be immediately processed. This attention to detail has resulted in grappas with exceptional fruit character and unparalleled elegance, including wine companySassicia’s Grappa.