Castello Della Sala Estate Bramito Del Cervo Chardonnay 2020 (1x75cl)
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Castello Della Sala Estate Bramito Del Cervo Chardonnay 2020 (1x75cl)


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Castello della Sala dates back to 1350 and was owned by the family Monaldeschi. Donated by the last descendants in 1518, with its vast estates, to the Opera del Duomo of Orvieto, was expropriated in 1861 by the Savoy government. Neglect and abandonment had severely damaged the structure. In 1940 the family of the Marchesi Antinori purchased the castle and restores the land covered with vineyards. Il Bramito del Cervo, with excellent structure and elegance, is a Chardonnay that is stored in vast underground cellars of the castle. Fascinating!

The “Bramito della Sala” by Castello della Sala is a medium-bodied Chardonnay, soft and rich in aromas, aged for 5 months in barrique. Scents of fruit and vanilla blend with toasted and mineral nuances in a round, elegant and enveloping sip

Bramito del Cervo is a single varietal Chardonnay which the Castello della Sala winery has been making since 1994 in its majestic medieval building in the Umbrian Apennines. Although the winery’s origins date back to the 14th Century, since 1940 the estate has belonged to the Antinori family and presently possesses 500 ha of land, with 140 ha dedicated to vines. In this geographic location of gentle hills, the vineyards grow at an altitude that ranges between 200 and 450 metres, on clay soils rich in fossils set originally in sedimentary and volcanic rock.

As typically found with this exceptional family’s wines, those made by Castello della Sala are also characterised by a philosophy that combines tradition and modernity without losing a single iota of quality. As proof of this, in addition to the cellars of the ancient medieval fortress, where the barrel ageing of the wines still takes place, a new modern wine-making room was built in 1985. Here special attention is given to the temperature in order to preserve the aromatic qualities of the grapes, another of this winery’s distinctive features and not just one pertaining to Bramito del Cervo.

A Chardonnay in all its purity, straw-coloured with greenish flecks and a nose that offers a fascinating and complete bouquet of varietal notes (tropical and citrus fruits, peaches), dried herbs, and other notes imparted by its short stay in oak: sweet spices and hazelnuts in particular. Bramito del Cervo is a well-balanced wine with good structure, fresh and creamy at the same time, clear-cut, clean and with a pleasantly fruity finish.