Chiyokotobuki Ginjo Namachozoshu 千代壽吟釀 生貯藏酒 (1x30cl)
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Chiyokotobuki Ginjo Namachozoshu 千代壽吟釀 生貯藏酒 (1x30cl)


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Chiyokotobuki Toraya located in Yamagata prefecture, a remote, snowy province on the Japan Sea coast, has emerged as one of Japan’s premier sake-producing regions, its sake beloved for its aromtic, clean, smooth profile. All sakes are recognized as geographic indication which they produces sake with local rice, Dewa Sansan, Miyama Nishiki, Dewa no Sato, etc. With the best climate (cold and snowy) and environment, they continues to produce high quality sake and now recognized overseas.