Condado de Haza Reserva 2010 (1x75cl)
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Condado de Haza Reserva 2010 (1x75cl)


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This is the second of four wineries founded in 1987 by a living icon of Spanish wine and widely regarded as the “Master of the Tempranillo” Alejandro Fernandez achieves naturally concentrated, elegant wines which are expressive in youth yet benefit greatly from age. This prestigious estate belonging to Pesquera Group is covered by a continuous expanse of around 200 hectares of prime Tempranillo vines. These vineyards have grown on the banks of the River Duero next to poplar and willow groves in a land that has become legendary.

Very few people can take credit for revolutionizing a major wine region. Baron Philippe de Rothschild in Bordeaux, Robert Mondavi in Napa Valley, Angelo Gaja in Piedmont are among them, and all have become icons to wine lovers worldwide. Here’s another name to add to the list: Alejandro Fernandez, maker of Pesquera in Spain’s Ribera del Duero.