Domaine Jacques Prieur Beaune 1er Cru Les Champs Pimont 2011 (1x75cl)
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Domaine Jacques Prieur Beaune 1er Cru Les Champs Pimont 2011 (1x75cl)


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Vintage 2011,very early ripening!
After an early 2011 winter that was rather mild and dry, spring arrived by the end of March. Summer-like temperatures gave way to an extremely fast leaf growth.
Bud burst occurred within a few days by the beginning of April, which is three weeks earlier than the average of the 1994-2010 period.
Starting from the end of March, a hot, dry weather settles for three following months. This stimulates explosive and very quick flowering from the third week of May, more than two weeks earlier than usual.
Weather conditions change drastically after the 14th of July bringing autumn rain and cool air.
Veraison starts during the second half of July, but the maturation drags! The vineyards though remain in a healthy condition.
Despite the fact that the exceptional spring advance in growing season was lost, the harvest starts in the end of August and lasts until mid-September, thanks to the return of a beautiful, dry, sunny and very mild weather.
This sunny weather during harvesting, allowed us to optimize picking date of each plot and to wait patiently until the grapes mature perfectly.
At Domaine Jacques Prieur, harvesting began on the 30th of August.


    Grape variety : 100% Pinot Noir on a 2.06 hectare plot.


    A large plot with the evocative name of “Les Champs au pied du Mont” (or, “The Fields at the Foot of the Mountain”), located on the slope overlooking the outskirts of Beaune. This vineyard, facing due east, produces both red and white wine. The Pinot Noir grapes in the lower part benefit from a very clayey soil that produces deeply-coloured, powerful wines. The high iron content in the soil oftern accounts for aromas reminiscent of soot or smoke.


    The grapes were handpicked into small crates, then sorted and totally destemmed. The wine stayed on the skins for 20 days in temperature-controlled open oak vats. Pigeage (punching down the cap) was done twice a day during alcoholic fermentation.
    100% malolactic fermentation
    The wine was aged entirely in new oak barrels.
    Duration of barrel ageing: 21 months


    Tasted in February 2014
    COLOUR: Very beautiful, dark-red with a purple rim.
    NOSE: Black fruit, showing hints of spice and pepper with aeration.
    PALATE: Well-structured with spicy overtones, as well as underlying coffee and cocoa nuances. Thick and powerful. Concentrated, ripe, fresh tannin.