HDF Von Liechtenstein Profundo Zweigelt 2019 (1x75cl)
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HDF Von Liechtenstein Profundo Zweigelt 2019 (1x75cl)


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The wineries of the Prince of Liechtenstein include the Domaine Wilfersdorf in Austria and the Domaine Vaduz in the Principality of Liechtenstein. They are jointly run and enjoy excellent reputations. The winery in Austria has been family-owned since 1436, and is surrounded by numerous historical monuments, such as Wilfersdorf Palace, attesting to the long tradition of Princely viticulture. A distinctive, cool climate and fertile loess soils characterize the terroir of the vineyards, producing characteristic wines with fine acidity.

The grapes grown in the single vineyards Karlsberg and Johannesberg, ripen to distinctive freshness and their wines are inspired by both tradition and passion. Today Princess Marie of Liechtenstein represents the family in the winery and together with a passionate, internationally experienced team creates precise wine characters with a sensitive, modern touch.