Juyondai Red Label (1x72cl)
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Juyondai Red Label (1x72cl)


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Throughout Japan’s 2000 year history of sake brewing, no other brewery has held a more revered status than that of  the legendary Takagi Brewery. Established during the Edo Period in 1615, the Takagi family has continually brewed sake from generation to generation since that time. Today, with fifteenth generation Akitsuna Takagi at the helm, the family’s sake brewery is renowned for its high quality Juyondai sake, which has such a cult-like following amongst sake enthusiasts that it has become the most coveted and difficult obtain sake in Japan. Jebsen is very proud to be the only official distributor of “N” Sake and Juyondai in Hong Kong. We ship directly from Takagi Brewery through Japan Craft Sake Company’s Sake Blockchain system to ensure all sake is transported, stored and handled according to the brewery’s rigorous guidelines, as well as provide traceability and genuine quality assurance for our valued customers. Through this system, Jebsen is able to guarantee the quality and excellence that one would expect from “N” Sake and Juyondai. All “N” Sake and Juyondai labels are stored at -5ºC to ensure the sake is in its optimal condition and tastes as superb as it did when it left the brewery.