Monkey 47 Barrel Cut Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47% (1x50cl)
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Monkey 47 Barrel Cut Schwarzwald Dry Gin 47% (1x50cl)


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The mulberry barrels we use are made entirely by hand by a traditional cooper well-versed in the intricate procedure this requires. We only use new, 110-litre vessels to store Monkey 47 Barrel Cut. Before being filled, these barrels are lightly toasted on the inside, which adds myriad notes to the range of aromas they lend to their contents.

After several years of sensory research and experimentation with all kinds of wood in search of the Monkey’s perfect companion, we’ve adopted a very traditional approach in our hunt for the perfect barrel-aged Monkey 47. This ligneous chapter led us straight to the Palatinate of southwest Germany, where wooden barrels are still made by hand for the maturation and refinement of distillates.

The first fill draws the desired aromas from the wood when they are at their strongest. We then store the barrels in a granary that was built to be sound and solid back in 1840, which now provides for a constant climate and a balanced temperature curve throughout the year. This unique cut is produced just a few times each year and can be enjoyed both neat or in a Monkey Old Fashioned – both of which are sure to set the hearts of gin enthusiasts and connoisseurs to racing.

Monkey 47 Barrel Cut is a dry gin with subtle fruity notes and fine, elegant sweetness that combine to offer an experience that is extremely dense and uniquely complex. Cheers!