Old Captain Caribbean White Rum 37.5% (1x100cl)
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Old Captain Caribbean White Rum 37.5% (1x100cl)


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Old Captain is rum brand by Dutch Boomsma Distillery. It’s blend of many rum producer distillates around Caribbean Islands. Boomsma is 125 years old, one of the few still working family owned distilleries in Holland. For some reason Old Captain rums are very well available in Baltic states.

Old Captain have light, quite original aroma, which have a bit overriped banana and hint of mint. Taste is light, bit of sweet banana, hint of wood. Burn is light and aftertaste short but quite bitter. Banana aroma is a bit artificial, it feels young rum is processed a bit to have more matured flavour. It’s quite different than most other cheap neutral rums. Slight banana flavour comes also to cocktails, but it do not disturb so much. Bitter finish leaves a bit harsh and rough appearance.