PIUZE Patrick, Chablis Terroir de Fye 2019 (1x75cl)
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PIUZE Patrick, Chablis Terroir de Fye 2019 (1x75cl)


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Patrick is a micro-négociant and he has a great relationship with his sources. He buys the grapes by the parcel rather than by weight and he created a profit-sharing arrangement that keeps the growers invested in their mutual success. He is an extremely resourceful manager—we recall one harvest when rain was threatening and he promised the grape pickers a case of Jameson Irish Whiskey if they met the deadline. A compelling incentive!

While Patrick is very hands on with his growers in the vineyards, he is decidedly “hands off” in the cellar. He eschews corrections of any kind: no enzymes, acidifying, chaptalization (unless absolutely necessary) etc. And he uses only neutral barrels for aging the 1er and Grand Cru.