Rhum J.M Vieux Agricole Epices Creoles 46% (1x70cl)
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Rhum J.M Vieux Agricole Epices Creoles 46% (1x70cl)


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Originally a sugar plantation site, Rhum JM (coming from Jean-Marie Martin, former owner and creator of Rhum JM) became a small distillery focused on producing high quality rum from the finest sugarcanes in Martinique. The canes come from the precious volcanic slopes of Mont Pelée, considered as one of the most exclusive micro-climate for sugarcane in the world. The rich cane flavors in Rhum J.M are a result from this unique volcanic soil, tropical humidity from the low cloud ceiling, tremendous ventilation from the steady sea breeze onto the mountain side and the excellent drainage on the sloping sugarcane fields. Once distilled, the raw juice becomes rum of noble purity and flavor: “the famous Rhum J.M Blanc’. Part of this exceptional rhum is placed in oak barrels to age in the cellars neighboring the distillery. The rhums begin to age in “rhum charred” American oak barrels. JM uses water from their own river, running through the Plantation, to dilute the distillate.