Shichiken Kaikoma Junmai Daiginjo 七賢 甲斐駒純米大吟醸 (1x72cl)
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Shichiken Kaikoma Junmai Daiginjo 七賢 甲斐駒純米大吟醸 (1x72cl)


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Founded in 1750. In Hakushu – a Prefecture with excellent water, have been using underground water from the Minami-Alps and Mt. Kaikomagatake for more than 260 years. They brew sake following traditions that have been passed down over 12 generations since KITAHARA Iheemitsuyosi founded the brewery, and also based on the concept of “local production for local consumption” deeply rooted within the community. Shichiken brews elegant and complex sparkling and still sake. All sparkling sake are produced by Methode Champenoise.