Takizawa Tokubetsu Junmai 瀧澤 特別純米 (1x72cl)
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Takizawa Tokubetsu Junmai 瀧澤 特別純米 (1x72cl)


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Shin Shu Meijo is located in Ueda of Nagano Prefecture, They began to focus on Sake brewing 150 years ago. Their “TAKIZAWA” sake series is brewed with one of the top three Sake rice types called “Miyamanishiki” and made with one of the softest water in the world called “Obsidian” water. The brewing Master, Mr. Kudo Arimichi of Shin Shu Meijo has 30 years of extensive experience in producing premium sake, bringing you a drinking experience with perfect integration on rice, water and technology.